What is yield optimization?

Cameron Conrad
Sept 14th, 2022
2 min read
dynamic lending

A new way to save

The emergence of algorithmic interest rate protocols sets the stage for the next generation of financial products. Dynamic provides on-chain asset management solutions which extend the functionality of the money markets we support to provide the ultimate lending experience.

Without a yield optimizer like Dynamic, investing can be complex, time-consuming, & in some cases, unprofitable. Dynamic builds upon existing infrastructure to abstract complexity for investors of all size. First, we provide a single interface for lending across all top protocols. Then, we auto-compound yield daily on user's behalf to save time & maximize their profit.

To get started, connect your wallet to Dynamic & pick your preferred vault. You’ll enjoy market-leading yields, hands-off compounding, no limits or lockups, & real-time growth. For those with a low risk appetite, look no further than our principal-protected stablecoin vaults.

With inflation rampant & institutions paying dismal rates on deposits, capital flight to risk-on assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, & stablecoins should continue to rise. There remains little good reason to deal with traditional institutions when decentralized tech is sufficient & secure.


Yield optimization sits at the core of Dynamic as users enjoy a consumer-friendly path to wealth creation in a non-custodial manner. We accomplish this with a full-service experience & world-class smart contract automation. Interested in becoming a lender? Join our waitlist.